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Have you ever wished that you could order special things from Japan and have them delivered to your door? (I'm talking about those special things that you really miss.)

Ordering Items from JAPAN has now Become a Reality with "Japan Finders". Japan Finders Finds Exactly what you are looking for and sends it to your door step making Japan's best Foods and Items Available to you with a click of the mouse.

We also offer ongoing customers a discount for their continued purchases! That means if you become a regular customer we will offer you a "deep" discount on your continued purchase of the same product, we have had years of experience in this business and offer you complete customer satisfaction
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We have access to mainland and island products and all you have to do is make a request and we will get back to you immediately as to the price of the item, shipping cost and finders fee.

The ordering process is quite simple: You send us your order and we find it and confirm the shipping costs, then add on the finders fee and we will email you the total cost broken down in price per items and services. If you agree upon the price, then we will send you an invoice with prices included via PayPal and then once we have confirmed your payment we will send you your order. It's as simple as that!

Please try to be as specific as possible regarding your order; for example if it's a piece of furniture please try to include the dimensions etc. Thank you as that will help us serve you better.